How far in advance should we book an event date?

If you are planning a wedding, it is a good idea to book a date as far out as you can, also keeping in mind that Saturday nights fill up quickly.  If you contact us close to your event date, we can accommodate multiple events and may be available. 


Do you have a contract?

Yes, we do.  After we receive your information, we send you a contract to sign and return, which secures your event date on our calendar. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Your signed contract and $100 deposit holds the date of your event. 

What are your rates?

Rates vary depending upon the date and location of your event.  Please call for an exact price quote. 541-484-9883


Are special effects available?

Yes.  We have intelligent lighting that enhances any event.   For a description of what we have available, please call for details.

Do we have a choice in the music?

 Yes, completely.  We email extensive song lists from which you may choose your custom playlist. We have a  catalog of over 310,000 titles available from every style.  If you'd like to select just  a few styles or artists, we can accommodate that as well.  We also honor "do not play" lists for those items that you absolutely do not want to hear at your event.

 Do you take requests?

 If the client is allows requests from guests, we are happy to accommodate them.  We have a catalog  of 310,000 titles at each event broken down by style for guests to choose from. Requests will be honored if they are appropriate and go with the flow of the event.

 Can we bring some of our own music?

Yes, you can.  Especially for weddings, couples have their own special versions of a song or songs that they'd like played, and we can easily facilitate playing whatever they want.


Do you provide services for ceremonies as well as for receptions?

Absolutely.  We can provide seating music, processional, candle lighting, miscellaneous ceremony songs, recessional music and anything else that you desire for the ceremony.  We also have clip-on microphones for officiants and microphones available for readers and singers during the ceremony.  If you have musicians that need to "patch" into our soundboard for amplification, we can do that as well.


Are you insured?

Yes, at twice the industry standard.  Some venues require that an insurance certificate be presented before an event takes place. We can provide a copy of our policy at any time upon request.

Do you have references?

Yes, many of them.  Please see our About Us page. Other references can be made available upon request.


What style of DJs does your company have?

Our DJs are experienced, flexible and professional. They can be as interactive as you would like them to be.  If you want a highly interactive master of ceremonies or a "behind the scenes" DJ, we can accommodate any level of interaction you prefer.

What type of equipment do you have?

We have the finest professional equipment available. Please check our Music & Equipment page on this website.  Wireless microphones are always available for toasts, speeches and announcements.

What attire will you come in?

Our DJs can be attired in anything from formal to casual, depending upon how you would like us to be dressed.  Unless otherwise directed, our DJs will be in semi-formal attire.


How much set-up time do you need?

We typically arrive 45-60 minutes before an event to set up and check equipment. In the case of inclement weather, we always allow for extra travel time to your event.

What needs do you have from an event site?

We need access to electricity.


Do you take breaks?

No. Once were at the event working, we don't require a "break" other than a quick restroom break and to get something to drink. The party will continue without interruption.

Will the DJ need to be fed?

Our DJs do not expect to be fed; however, most catering companies bring a meal to the DJ, which is consumed quickly. 

How much should the DJ be tipped?

A gratuity of 10% is appropriate if you are pleased with your service.  Ultimately, however, you are free to tip based upon the work that your DJ provided.  We can guarantee that your DJ will work very hard to make your celebration the best that it can be.